This story is the story of a guy who travels for business and one day decided to start travelling for himself. A story among many other these days when people need to take time to see around how the world moves. In these modern stressful societies where time flies as sea ice melts, they are many to look for the pause button and go find it on the other side of the planet. By meeting many backpackers who travel around the world, I started to dream of building my own big adventure. Nowadays, the development of tourism industry skyrockets and travels became products as others, but I wanted to experience something different, far from touristic buses, closer to the root of the word “travel”, an Adventure in capital letters.

At first I wanted to leave home with my trekking shoes and my backpack, travelling by foot and hitch-hiking. But while searching for advices and feedback, I encountered many people who travel by bicycle and they inspired me. With a bicycle you travel at a human speed, you smell the odours around you, you feel the hills and the valleys and you easily meet local people on the road.

This website is here to give details about my trip to those who plan one, and also to give some news to my friends and people I met on the road!

The trip started on July 2015 😉

You can follow my adventure on the news page or on the facebook page 😉

If you want to see the exact travelling map it will be updated here:


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  1. Met you on the road to capital reef in Torrey,Utah. After seeing you guys riding thru Zion and Bryce Canyon!!!! Amazing trip you are having!

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